Are you considering the possibility of incorporating a sustainable design into your business’s new building? Do you wonder what impact going green may have on the success of your business in the future? A sustainable design that uses renewable energy and other resources does have quite a few advantages.

A Green Design Can Cut Operating Costs

At Gausman and Moore, our team of highly skilled engineers can help reduce energy waste and increase energy efficiency in many ways by using sustainable designs and technology in your new building.

●        By implementing renewable energy, such as solar power instead of traditional energy sources, costs for heating water or other areas of the building can be significantly reduced.

●        Our electrical engineering team can design electrical systems that cut energy requirements for interior lighting needs.

●        Ground source heat pumps provide heating and cooling for buildings by transferring hot and cool temperatures from the ground at a much cheaper cost than traditional energy sources.

●        We use the most sophisticated designs of mechanical engineering and plumbing engineering to design efficient systems that remove heat from within a building and assist cooling.

At Gausman and Moore, our sustainability team uses energy modeling to plan a green design. With energy modeling, every aspect of the design is carefully analyzed using a computer model, which allows our sustainability team and LEED Accredited Professionals to use the latest in software development and provide a flawless design plan for your business.

Green Means More Tax Cuts for Your Business

Businesses that adopt sustainable technology of renewable energy and other resources to assist the environment are rewarded by the government with tax credits. These credits usually vary from year to year.

Improve Your Business's Reputation

Showing you care about the environment of the community can provide recognition for your company. Advertising the fact that you are a sustainable company and/or even LEED Certified can attract more customers.

Green Businesses Attract Better Talent

Many highly talented people prefer to work for a sustainable company because it provides a healthier atmosphere and possibly less stress, depending on the designs applied. Natural lighting and less exposure to harmful chemicals give employees more peace of mind concerning their health and wellbeings.

Contact Us for Going Green

When it comes to sustainable building designs, Gausman and Moore is prepared to impress our clients with our professional abilities:

●        Mechanical Engineering

●        Electrical Engineering

●        Plumbing Engineering

●        Latest in Software Development

Through honesty, hard work, and integrity, Gausman and Moore has achieved a long-standing and distinguished reputation in the both Minnesota and California since 1935. We are a full-service consulting engineering firm committed to serving our clients, and we strive to deliver the best possible solution. Using the latest in software development and energy modeling, we can provide the expertise and knowledge you need.

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