Constructing a building is a massive undertaking with months and even sometimes years of planning, design, and construction. There are many moving parts and integral pieces so if there is a single misstep or miscommunication, the building project can experience costly delays or redesigns. Having clear and open communication is key. At Gausman and Moore, our professional engineers work together with the various disciplines needed to successfully complete a building. Outlined below is a list of the many ways our engineers encourage a cohesive team to reach the final goal.

Designers and Building Contractors

Our team of mechanical engineers can create preliminary designs with the design and build contractor(s). This helps with submitting an accurate bid for either a portion of the project or the entire building. Additionally, a consultation between our engineers and the design contractor can produce certified construction documents or as-built documents.


Sometimes, a Design-Build method is used for new construction. This means that a single company is responsible for delivering the design and the construction service. While the architects certainly create the design, they will rely on a mechanical engineer to provide the mechanical design for things such as the ventilation systems. Our mechanical engineers can provide the appropriate documents to help define what systems the contractor will provide. Further, our engineers regularly help architects provide calculations and energy modeling that prove a building meets certifications such as LEED or B3 SB2030.


We are regularly asked to consult with building owners to examine existing mechanical systems. Our engineers can evaluate how the unit is operating or can determine how much usable life remains in a piece of equipment. If a replacement or upgrade is needed, our engineers are happy to make recommendations or assist in designing a new system.

Attorneys and Insurance Companies

Oftentimes, our expertise is needed for what is called forensic work. This is usually needed when there is an insurance claim or lawsuit. Our engineers are able to examine the mechanical equipment that may have failed from a poor installation from a previous firm and determine the problem. From here, we will be able to determine who or what was at fault, what wasn't to code, and/or what mechanical piece failed. Further, we can provide documentation of our findings to the attorneys or insurance company representative.

More is always accomplished when working together, and Gausman and Moore fully believes this. Our expert engineers are happy to work together with the various disciplines involved in designing and constructing a new building. Between our engineers, the project’s architects, contractors, and owners, we are able to accomplish the dream. If you are in need of our engineer consultation services with your current building project, feel free to contact us today. Here you will be able to find our areas of expertise and how we will be able to better serve your project.