Gausman & Moore always encourages its employees to continually strengthen their professional skills. It shows initiative when a person wants to become better at their job, while also learning how to become an effective leader. Two G&M employees from our Roseville office, Madeline Arpin (Electrical Engineering) and Chue Yang (Electrical Engineering), demonstrated this initiative by participating in the Illuminating Engineering Society Fundamentals of Lighting class.


Madeline and Chue attended two-hour sessions on Thursday nights for 10 weeks. Different speakers led each class, which covered a variety lighting topics. This included the following:

  • Basic lighting concepts, vision and color
  • Electric light sources and ballasts
  • Daylighting
  • Luminaires
  • Photometry and calculations
  • Controls
  • Codes and standards, economics
  • Lighting design process
  • Lighting for exteriors
  • Lighting for interiors

Madeline said the classes covered everything from the history of lighting, to calculations and design considerations in interior and exterior spaces. The class was an excellent introduction into lighting design and how to approach lighting design.


“It is important to learn new skills and meet people in the industry with different areas of expertise to improve the work we do,” Madeline said.


Chue said the class helped educate him on lighting aspects from a professional/designer point of view. As Chue, Madeline and others continue to design lighting for projects, learning more about these topics will help them understand why and when certain criteria is used for specific projects.


“Every single day the world is being innovated in so many ways. It is extremely hard to keep up with modern day technology,” Chue said. “Furthering your education is knowledge, and knowledge is power.”