Creating an aesthetically pleasing building with an energy-efficient mindset can sometimes be challenging. Often it feels as if you cannot accomplish both within the same building. If you start early enough in the design process though, both goals can be accomplished. Relatively new in the field of building design is a process called energy modeling. With energy modeling it is now possible to project what type of energy impact your building will have over a 30-year period.

What Type of Modeling Software is Used?

Gausman and Moore uses modeling software called Trane Trace. This software is able to take a basic design for a building and consider different design implementations to help improve the building's energy efficiency. The software looks at a historically accurate 30-year weather pattern for the area and is able to calculate what type of energy would be required to effectively heat, cool, and maintain the building.

How Design Changes Impact the Model

The modeling software has the ability to make several tiny changes to the design, which has the ability to create a large impact to the building's efficiency. Sometimes rotating a building slightly to put it out of direct sun can save on cooling costs; or changing a roof's orientation can help make the building a better candidate for solar power. Perhaps adding windows or changing the size of the windows can take advantage of natural sunlight to help eliminate the need for excessive interior lighting. Energy modeling can even calculate the amount of energy needed if you add insulation to the roof. Further, the modeling system will be able to determine the most energy-efficient HVAC system to use in your building given the initial design structure.

Where Do Gausman & Moore's Mechanical and Electrical Engineers Get Involved?

At Gausman & Moore we believe a sustainable and energy-conscious building is always the best option. Working with a project’s architects and builders, our electrical and mechanical engineers can help make your sustainable design a reality. Because we are well versed in sustainable projects, we understand the importance of making sure the building is correctly engineered. We can help make sure the electrical system is correct to support the energy efficient initiatives and can help design a structure to accommodate alternative energy methods.

If you are in the process of designing a new building, or are retrofitting an existing building to be more energy efficient, consider the use of energy modeling. Together, with our trained engineers, you will be able to find a design that suits your needs. To see what type of projects we have experience with, contact us today. Let’s start planning your sustainable and energy-efficient project together.