Healthcare centers utilize large amounts of energy, therefore they can easily generate large amounts of energy waste. Did you know that eight percent of carbon emissions come from healthcare centers in the U.S.? Numerous machines such as CT scanners and lifesaving devices run at full power 24/7 in most cases. Most healthcare administrators find it an uphill task to save energy without compromising on patient care. Fortunately, that is possible through the following ways:

1.      Consulting Experienced Electrical Engineering Firms

Less than 50 percent of health facilities in the United States have energy consumption targets monitored professionally, according to a study conducted in 2015. Moreover, 29 percent sought the services of energy managers.

To maintain energy efficiency and sustainability, healthcare facilities need to consult with experienced and reputable electrical systems consultants like Gausman and Moore. We provide educated advice for modern building designs, electrical systems, and innovative methods to conserve energy.

2.      Upgrade to Modern Sustainable Equipment

Modern MRI and CT scanner models are smaller, energy efficient, and lighter than older-fashioned scanners. Most  have minimized shielding since radiation output is reduced significantly. Apart from using less energy, modern CT scanners are three times faster than previous models, improving hospital staff efficiency.

3.      Manage Electrical Waste Through “Leaking”

Sometimes the answer to high utility bills is not upgrading to new machinery. Current electrical systems may be audited by certified electrical engineers for energy efficiency. Minor equipment wrongly plugged in causes massive energy consumption even when turned off.

For centers that only operate during normal business hours, your equipment remains idle for approximately 16 hours daily. The best solution to avoid energy being drawn during such times is by employing energy-efficient power strips.

4.      Re-engineer Waste Management

Healthcare facilities generate about 7,000 tons of waste every day. In a busy facility, it truncates to fifty trash cans found in most homes. Redesigning your waste management techniques for a period of five years can save you 40 cents per patient, according to a research done by Commonwealth Fund.

Manage the use of red medical waste bags. Also, use smart trash cans to prevent overflow to save time and resources used by your staff in emptying half-filled cans.

5.      Renewable Energy Sources

Sustainable systems for today’s “green” buildings are almost becoming inevitable. Most healthcare facilities have turned to renewable energy to reduce energy bills and conserve the environment. Solar power, waste biogas, geothermal heat pumps, and biomass boilers are realistic achievable alternatives for healthcare centers.

For healthcare facilities to become energy efficient, they need the help and guidance of reputable engineering firms with proven track records on sustainability projects. Gausman and Moore is a leading electrical engineering firm with over 80 years of experience. Call us today at 651-639-9606 or fill out the form on our website for consultation.