Dave Blume (Partner, Roseville Office) recently celebrated his 25th anniversary at Gausman & Moore. An Electrical Engineer and head of the company’s Electrical Department, Dave wanted to commemorate his career at G&M by presenting a gift to all of his coworkers. As a lover and creator of handmade items, Dave had ceramic mugs made for every staff member. Each mug is personalized and features the G&M logo.

Gausman and Moore mugs

“I really appreciate our staff, how hard they work, and how they have stood with us in good and bad times. I haven’t worked anywhere else for 25 years and I thought that was worth celebrating. I like handmade things and I came up with the idea of handmade ceramic mugs with the company logo and personalized with each person’s name. I hope they are still around in another 25 years,” Dave said.


The mugs have become popular around all three G&M offices, with people using them for water, coffee, or simply as a decorative feature at their desk. They are very much appreciated, as are Dave’s contributions to Gausman & Moore. Thanks Dave!