Maintaining a healthy and productive working relationship with clients is an essential component of Gausman & Moore’s approach to doing business. We are grateful for our clients and value our collaborative efforts with them. To express that gratitude, our Santa Clarita office hosted the first ever Client Appreciation Luncheon on Feb. 9.

Representatives from more than 20 of our clients attended the lunch. Along with showing appreciation for our clients, the event came about from casual conversations between Jo Ann Rayner (Electrical Engineering, Santa Clarita) and some of her clients. A native of Louisiana, Jo returned in September to go alligator hunting with her family. When she told some of her clients what she was doing, they expressed interest and wanted her to bring back some alligator meat to share with them.

Jo and her husband, Brent Chester (Electrical Engineering, Santa Clarita), didn’t disappoint. After catching four alligators in Louisiana, Jo and Brent brought back 50 pounds of meat for clients. Along with the gator meat, Jo and Brent brought back a bit of Mardi Gras as well, giving the lunch a festive atmosphere.

As the partygoers feasted on gator, ”King Cake,” chili, and other goodies Jo and Brent regaled everyone with their gator hunting tales. They provided pictures and videos of their hunting escapades and brought equipment used to catch the gators. People could also take Mardi Gras pictures in a special photo booth, play some cornhole, and socialize in a non-work setting.

“Everyone seemed to have a good time,” Jo said. “It was great that so many people were interested in the alligator hunting.”