Gausman & Moore always encourages its employees to continually strengthen their professional skills. It shows initiative when a person wants to become better at their job, while also learning how to become an effective leader. Two G&M employees from our Roseville office, Bryan Haider (Mechanical Engineering) and Ben Zurn (Electrical Engineering), are demonstrating this initiative by participating in the ACEC of Minnesota (ACEC/MN) Emerging Leaders Training program.

ACEC of Minnesota

The program, which began Feb. 1, is designed to help aspiring engineers develop technical business skills and business management skills. The sessions are led by experts in the field who are familiar with the industry and work with the ACEC/MN engineering community.


The four-session Technical Development program covers topics such as financial operations and practices, construction administration and legal issues, and delivery methods/risk management.


The four-session Business Development program will address topics including interpersonal communication, government affairs, leadership as a technical professional, and creating a career track.


Bryan said the first session was about marketing an engineering firm, bringing in new work, and building relationships with clients. The program is important for people interested in expanding their skills because it will help him develop more tools to approach obstacles and make his coworkers stronger.

Bryan Haider

“I hope to gain a better understanding of the business side of our industry and learn how I can become a more effective leader in the engineering field,” Bryan said.


Ben is taking the courses because he believes it’s important to continue expanding his skills in an ever-changing industry. Showing a willingness to learn new things makes people more valuable to their company.

Ben Zurn

“I want to continue improving my leadership qualities, learn about the business side of the company, and develop relationships with other young professionals in the field,” Ben said.


Long-Standing Involvement with ACEC/MN

G&M has been strongly committed to ACEC/MN throughout our history. We’ve had six employees (Carl Gausman, Gordon Moore, Glenn Gausman, Jim Keller, Lane Hersey and Dave Blume) serve as ACEC/MN President at one time, the most from any member firm.


The idea for the Emerging Leaders course originated with the ACEC mechanical and electrical practice committee. Our own Jim Keller served on the committee at that time. Keller and Dave Blume (Electrical Engineering, Partner) were presenters for many years.


Mark Leutgeb (Business Development, Principal) has presented for the past 15 years and did so again this year. For the past three years he was presented with Susanne Miller from Loucks, a civil engineering firm. Mark and Susanne talk about leadership, bringing work to your firm, and developing client relationships.

Mark Leutgeb

“I wanted to be part of G&M’s heritage of giving back to the professional community through ACEC/MN and I enjoy teaching,” Mark said. “I enjoy working with people who are early in their careers planting the seeds to help them grow to be successful later in their careers.