The testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) of a building’s HVAC system is one of the more critical phases when preparing the system for operation. This process involves various testing, adjusting, and balancing procedures to ensure all HVAC equipment and systems are operating correctly. With each of our building projects, our goal is to provide our customers with quality solutions to their TAB needs for their HVAC systems. Our process includes balancing air and water flow through the system, performance testing for all mechanical parts, and making adjustments to the system to verify all automatic controls function as required.


Air Balancing


After an HVAC system is installed, a thorough balance should be performed to ensure the system is operating according to the design, manufacturer specifications, and the Associated Air Balance Control (AABC) National Standards for Total System Balance. The following are Gausman & Moore’s TAB procedures for air testing and balancing:

●        Verify the system installation and startup responsibilities are complete by the construction team.

●        Record the unit nameplate data.

●        Confirm each item that affects the duct system airflow is ready for the TAB work. This includes closed doors and windows, properly placed ceiling tiles, etc.

●        Confirm the TAB operations will not be affected by the automatic control devices. Control systems should be installed and commissioned prior to starting TAB work.

●        Establish conditions for the design’s maximum system requirements.

●        Verify all dampers are set and open, all related systems are operating (supply, exhaust, return, etc.), all motors are operating at or below full load amperage ratings, and that rotation is correct.

●        Distinguish positive and negative pressurization zones.



Hydronic Balancing


Hydronic balancing is a more technical way of saying ‘water balancing,’ and should be performed following a fluid system installation. This balancing is to ensure the system is operating according to the manufacturer expectations. Gausman & Moore performs hydronic balancing on:

●        Chilled water systems

●        Mual duct systems

●        Induction systems

●        Multi-Zone systems

●        Variable air volume systems


The benefits of a complete hydronic balance include:

●        A comfortable indoor climate

●        Properly functioning automatic control systems and components

●        Long life expectancy of HVAC equipment

●        Increased energy efficiency and optimized energy costs


Using standardized procedures and analysis, our field technicians can make appropriate adjustments on your HVAC system to meet criteria and optimize its performance. Whether our team has just installed a system for a new building, or if we need to work on an underperforming system, our expert technicians and engineers have the experience to handle even the most in-depth testing and balancing. And following each TAB, we will provide a certified report for each element of the system’s final performance. Contact us today at 651-639-9606 to receive a free estimate for our TAB services.