Passing the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam is an important milestone in an engineer’s career. To achieve the certification of Engineer-in-Training (EIT) requires a committed effort, hours of classes, and an eagerness to hone one’s craft.

Three of Gausman & Moore’s employees,  Bryan Haider (Mechanical Engineering, Roseville Office), Madeline Arpin (Electrical Engineering, Roseville Office), and Zack Klein (Mechanical Engineering, Duluth Office) recently achieved this goal and became certified EITs.

”I congratulate Bryan and Zack, who recently passed the FE exam as this is an important and necessary step to becoming a registered professional engineer. This is a stepping stone in their career that shows dedication to the profession of engineering and commitment to the industry, and it’s not an easy test,” said Dan Fox, Mechanical Department Head. “Now it is up to them to gain the experience necessary to study and sit for the PE exam, hopefully four short years from now.”

Bryan Haider   

 Zack Klein

What is the FE Exam?

The FE exam, which is more than five hours long, focuses on many different topics. Zack answered questions regarding calculus, engineering ethics, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and fluid dynamics. Madeline recalled answering 110 questions that were split into 18 categories, including math, circuits, power, digital logic, and electronics. Bryan said a big subject for him was math, which covered differential equations to complex word problems. The statics and dynamics sections covered forces and the laws of motion.

Preparing for the FE exam involved extensive review of major class subjects, study guides, completing practice problems, and even taking a few days off to ensure sufficient review time. For Bryan, the best review tool was his previous four years of school required to earn his mechanical engineering degree.

How does it feel to be an EIT?

Zack said it’s nice to be focused on doing the things he loves about engineering as he moves toward the future PE exam. Bryan said it’s a sign that a person is dedicated to their career path and is a rewarding first step. Madeline is excited about learning more about her profession in the next few years. Dave Blume, Electrical Department Head, is confident that Madeline is on the right track.

“Madeline certainly understands the work effort necessary to succeed in the consulting business. Not only has she applied herself fully to absorbing everything we can throw at her, she is highly productive and in constant demand by our project managers,” Blume said. ”At the same time, she had taken the initiative to study for and take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. I am proud of her accomplishments and I have no doubt that she will sail through the next four years and nail the PE exam.”

What advice would you give?

Zack and Bryan’s advice to aspiring engineers is to take the FE exam as soon as possible. Delaying the exam will make it more difficult to study and prepare. With about three minutes per question, Zack said students shouldn’t focus on complicate practice problems. Purchasing a practice exam was Madeline’s best advice, given that the questions and format are very similar to the exam.

“Even if you don’t think you will need to get your EIT it is worth taking the test. You never know what the future holds and it’s always a good thing to have on a resume, even if you are in a different field of engineering,” Bryan said.

Congratulations to Bryan, Madeline and Zack!