Quality Service, Attention to Detail Keys to Ongoing Client Relationships

Gausman & Moore prides itself on maintaining long-term relationships with clients. The combination of exceptional engineering services and familiarity with G&M/client staff yields successful outcomes on a regular basis. This type of situation is exemplified with G&M’s relationship with Shultz Steel Company.


Based in South Gate, CA, Shultz Steel has worked consistently with G&M since 2009. Shultz Steel Company manufactures products for aerospace and industrial markets. Those products are used in various applications, including commercial and defense airframes, aircraft, submarines, tanks, missiles, space shuttle main engines, gas turbine engines, nuclear reactors, helicopters, launch vehicles, land-based gas turbine engines, and the International Space Station.


Leading the effort from G&M’s end is Jo Ann Rayner (Electrical Engineer). Serving as the on-call electrical engineer for a client offers many challenges, which can involve helping Shultz Steel install new equipment, providing design services for new equipment, or conducting plant-wide arc flash calculations. Other projects have included in-depth surveys during holiday shutdowns to better document Shultz Steel’s existing systems and updating the single lines. Sometimes Jo Ann’s expertise is enough for a given project, but sometimes the entire G&M electrical engineering team is involved.


“We’re always willing to take on any project with Shultz Steel and help them with whatever project they’re pursuing,” said Jo Ann.


Along with quality engineering services, Jo Ann said effective communication is essential to maintaining a positive and productive working relationship. The ability to listen is vital, given the complicated standards at the site. Equally important is knowing how to communicate complex electrical engineering information to people from different professional backgrounds.


“You have to be responsive as the primary client contact,” Jo Ann said. “It’s extremely important to follow through on your commitment to a client and a project.”


Maintaining a long-term client relationship is also beneficial because you gain a greater appreciation of the client’s standards and expectations. Jo Ann has a strong familiarity with both the Shultz Steel site and the people who work there.