On Nov. 2 Mark Leutgeb (Partner, Business Development) was honored by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Minnesota chapter. Mark was recognized for his “Leadership in elevating the stakeholder experience at IMPACT and his long history of supporting the Minnesota community through volunteer service.”


IMPACT brings together professionals from every field of green building and sustainability to network, connect, stay current and be engaged in local, regional and global conversations. Mark said he was gratified to receive recognition from USGBC MN for his years of service.


“USGBC and LEED have accelerated the adoption of sustainable design and environmentally sound building practices in the construction industry. It was sustainable design that drew me to the engineering field and specifically to Gausman &Moore. Jim and Adrian Keller were early adopters of sustainable practices and that culture continues to draw clients and staff to our firm,” Mark said. “Sustainable design is an evolving and growing area of design and construction practice. The annual IMPACT Conference is a place to learn from fellow professionals, manufacturers, and contractors all who are committed to advancing sustainability.”