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How Do Fire Sprinklers Work in Commercial Buildings?

Fire sprinklers are a necessity in any commercial building to help protect the inhabitants and the property. These simple devices are inexpensive to install, yet they provide a blanket of security around the building. Fire sprinklers are fast acting and often extinguish the fire with minimal smoke, fire, and water damage to the property. Let's examine in more depth how fire sprinklers work to help protect your investment.

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The Importance of Arc Flash Studies

An arc flash occurs when electricity jumps between two points in an electrical circuit. You may see this when you flip a light switch in a dark room. On a small scale, arc flashes are harmless. However, when arc flashes occur on large electrical systems or on industrial electric machinery, arc flashes can be quite dangerous and even deadly.

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Achieving the Elusive Thermal Comfort

Warm hats, gloves, scarves and coats are nothing new for people to wear during the winter. It’s winter, so we deal with it, right? However, what if people are consistently wearing this winter apparel in the office?

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Engineering Workplace Safety Tips for National Safety Month

Beginning in 2000, The State of Minnesota started developing sustainable building guidelines for all new buildings receiving funding from the general obligation bond proceeds fund. These guidelines, known as B3, are designed to be compatible with national LEED guidelines while maintaining regional values, priorities, and requirements.

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