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Communication Keys for Successful Electrical Installation

Throughout any construction project, there are many moving parts. The client, of course, has a say in the design and overall construction to make sure his or her objectives are accomplished. To do so, many parts of the design and construction team must work together to achieve the overall goal. This is no different for electrical engineers working on a project. Below, we will examine the many ways an electrical engineer must interface with the various teams that work on a building to create a successful project.

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Principles of Sustainable Design: Low-Voltage Systems

Low-voltage power systems are integrated power systems in buildings that can run on either AC or DC current. The ranges of a low-voltage system are anything less than 49 volts for AC and anything less than 120 volts for DC. Comparatively, a normal voltage system ranges from 50 - 1000 volts for AC and anywhere from 120 to 1500 volts for DC. Low-voltage systems are intended to run specific applications and can end up saving energy and money.

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The Light Bulb Moment: Understanding the Advantages of LED Lighting

In past years, incandescent and fluorescent lighting was the steadfast option for commercial buildings. Although these lights ultimately achieve the goal of providing ample lighting in large spaces and are energy efficient, they are slightly more expensive to utilize than traditional lighting solutions. But because of its potential payoff benefits, LED lighting is a great alternative lighting option. Many companies are quickly making the switch to LED lighting because they are energy efficient, long lasting, and less damaging. Below, we will dive deeper into the advantages of switching to LED lighting.

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A Closer Look at The Electrical Engineering Field

Electrical engineering is a challenging degree that comes with a heavy class load of mathematics, physics, and computer programing. Successful graduates have enjoyed unbounded career opportunities in a variety of industries. Electrical engineers are regularly needed in the job market; therefore, the outlook for engineers continues to be strong. If you are quick thinking, adaptable, and able to effectively communicate your ideas, then a future in electrical engineering may be perfect for you. Below, we can take a closer look at what it takes to be an electrical engineer.

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G&M Employees Attend Illuminating Engineering Society Training

Gausman & Moore always encourages its employees to continually strengthen their professional skills. It shows initiative when a person wants to become better at their job, while also learning how to become an effective leader. Two G&M employees from our Roseville office, Madeline Arpin (Electrical Engineering) and Chue Yang (Electrical Engineering), demonstrated this initiative by participating in the Illuminating Engineering Society Fundamentals Anchorof Lighting class.

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Using Smart Micro-Grids in your Project

Sustainable technology buildings and localized business parks are taking advantage of smart microgrid technology. Large power plant systems can be costly and unreliable. A smart microgrid system takes the same concepts of a large power grid design and scales everything down to accommodate a small, local business park or campus. There are many applications for a smart microgrid installation, which come with sustainable benefits. Below, we will examine how smart microgrids work and their several benefits they can bring to your next building project.

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Tom Roberts – Employee of the Month for April 2018

Tom Roberts (Electrical Designer) was recognized as Gausman & Moore’s April 2018 Employee of the Month. A strong leader on Target project teams, Tom elevates the skills of those around him.

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5 Ways Healthcare Centers Can Enhance Energy Efficiency

Healthcare centers utilize large amounts of energy, therefore they can easily generate large amounts of energy waste. Did you know that eight percent of carbon emissions come from healthcare centers in the U.S.? Numerous machines such as CT scanners and lifesaving devices run at full power 24/7 in most cases. Most healthcare administrators find it an uphill task to save energy without compromising on patient care. Fortunately, that is possible through the following ways:

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G&M Hosts Mardi Gras Party for Clients

Maintaining a healthy and productive working relationship with clients is an essential component of Gausman & Moore’s approach to doing business. We are grateful for our clients and value our collaborative efforts with them. To express that gratitude, our Santa Clarita office hosted the first ever Client Appreciation Luncheon on Feb. 9.

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G&M Unveils New Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Productivity Pack

Finding new and innovative methods for satisfying and exceeding the needs of our clients is a source of pride at Gausman & Moore. One example of this commitment to innovation is our use of Revit, which increases productivity and improves communication and coordination among architects and engineers. With Revit, our highly experienced team of design engineers efficiently produces documents quickly and accurately, saving our clients valuable time and expense.Anchor

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Two-Pipe Systems vs. Four-Pipe Systems

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems provide building heating and cooling, and more modern-day HVAC systems are starting to use hydronic piping to provide newly constructed buildings’ heating and cooling needs. For this type of work, two main system configurations are possible: two-pipe systems or four-pipe systems.

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G & M Provides MEP Design Engineering for Lake Vermilion State Park

Gausman & Moore provided MEP design engineering services for three new picnic shelters and two sanitation buildings at Lake Vermilion State Park.

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From Interns to Employees: A Brief Look at Two Recent Internship Experiences

Each year Gausman & Moore provides internship opportunities for young people working toward degrees in related fields of study. These experiences can help them as they grow professionally and personally, as they gain lifelong knowledge and skills. Two of our current full-time staff members, Drew Erickson and Casey Sveiven, were once G&M interns, and they recently spoke about their internship experience and how it influenced where each of them is at today.

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What to Expect as an Emerging Electrical Engineer

Are you in school to hopefully become an electrical engineer? Or have you graduated with a degree in electrical engineering but don’t quite know what your day-to-day functions will be? If you have your sights set on eventually becoming a professional electrical engineer, you may understand the basics of what an electrical engineer is, but what does that mean for a workload in the real world? The first thing to note is there are a variety of sub-disciplines in the industry you can explore.

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Firm MVP Amanda Hill Moonlights as Storm Chaser, Photographer

Since she was a little girl, Amanda Hill (Electrical Designer, Roseville office), has been fascinated by weather. She kept a daily weather journal, gave weather reports in science classes, and saw her first tornado as a pre-teen. This fascination has never left Amanda, and she currently spends many weeks during the year chasing storms and capturing the beauty and wonder of storms with her camera.

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