Santa Clarita Office

Santa Clarita Office

Location: 26415 Carl Boyer Drive, Office Suite 205, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Gausman & Moore’s presence in the Los Angeles area evolved from the acquisition of two electrical engineering firms, which were augmented by staff from Minnesota. With a current staff of 16 people, our Santa Clarita office now delivers full MEP services. The culturally diverse staff reflects the multiple ethnicities residing throughout the greater Los Angeles marketplace. A strong sense of heritage is apparent in the office, with some members having more than 30 years of experience.

The fast-paced work environment requires our staff to stay highly responsive to all projects. This is strongly reflected in the retail sector, where the Santa Clarita crew has a successful history of responding promptly and effectively on projects. Other sectors include education, healthcare, hospitality, commercial, the aerospace industry, and heavy industrial projects.

Sustainability has been a core driver in the Santa Clarita office, which has led to some of Gausman & Moore’s most innovative and cutting edge projects. One project is the City of San Jose anaerobic digestion project, which diverts digestible waste from landfills and produces electrical energy and compost. Another project is the Electrical Training Institute Net-Zero Plus Smart MicroGrid. This project trains electricians on technology to generate, store, and sell back power while disconnecting from the macrogrid. As extreme weather incidents increase throughout the country and world these technologies are becoming more critical.

Santa Clarita Amenities

The local climate is a big draw, of course. After all, Santa Clarita sits amid Los Angeles County's delicious Mediterranean climate. But the area offers much more than an endless summer and unlimited sunshine. 

Located 35 miles north of the City of Los Angeles, our Santa Clarita office offers access to the myriad cultural offerings that Tinseltown showcases, while still being far enough out of the hustle and bustle of downtown living. Hiking and biking trails are all around, and accessible year round. It's less than an hour from the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful beaches and surf spots of Ventura. 

If you're looking for sunshine, palm trees, and California living, it doesn't get any better than Santa Clarita. 

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