Job Description:  Gausman & Moore’s Electrical Engineering Summer Intern will work with and learn from senior electrical engineers. Our interns are involved in inter-discipline teams on a daily basis and will gain valuable insight into a major design practice. They also will work individually and follow their supervisor’s instructions. Interns are given real-work assignments in keeping with their skills and experience. This could include any combination of computer aided modeling, document production, design or redesign work, technical research, and technical documentation. Our projects are nationwide and involve work sharing challenges regarding the electrical design for our core building clients.


Work Activities:  Interns will work with Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) software, including AutoCAD, Revit, and Microstation; perform design work, including elementary power distribution layout and lighting design; run system analysis including load calculations, voltage drop, fault current and protective device coordination; and perform quality control. Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Excel, and Word are in continuous use. Participation in design projects will be required and Interns are expected to follow deadlines for clearly defined deliverables. In some cases, interns may be asked to do field work and interact with clients and code officials by telephone or in client meetings.


Qualifications:  This is an opportunity to learn as much as possible about real world engineering in a limited period. You must be hard working, diligent, sincere, active, and enthused about the job in order to succeed. Adaptability and the ability to learn are important, as are good written and verbal skills, and strong understanding of basic electrical concepts. Competence in the use of computers for office tasks, research, documentation, and presentations is required.

We require a strong academic record in architectural engineering or electrical engineering and related subjects.

Related experience as an intern or co-op or equivalent research or class project experience demonstrating application of engineering skills is a definite plus, as is experience with CADD software and engineering design tools such as SKM Power Tools.

Education:  Enrollment in a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering or electrical engineering, prior to the start of the internship in the summer and continuing in the fall, including attainment of the status of "Junior" by the fall.


Schedule:  Interns are expected to work eight hours per day, five days per week, for a total of 40 hours per week. Overtime work may be expected. The start date should be as soon as practical after completion of the current school year. The end date should be as late as practical before start of the next school year.


Special Opportunities:  Regular training sessions with senior electrical engineers will be tailored to the intern. On occasion travel to project sites may be available. Depending on the college attended, credit for the summer internship may be available.


Application deadline:  Position is open until filled.


Contact:  Scott Haedtke, Duluth Branch Office Manager, direct 218-302-6565;

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